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China National Space Administration (CNSA)
  CNSA Space Debris Study

CNSA attaches great importance to the study of space debris and have organized research activities since mid 1980s.

China relay largely on ground based optical facilities for the observation of space debris. China posses sophisticated technology in predicting space debris and reentry object landing locations and had actively participated in the international risk-object reentry joint exercises. And the ability and precision to predict the timing and location for the reentered objects are very advanced. CNSA is currently upgrading its observation facilities to improve its level in this area.

CNSA has completed its data bank infrastructure in 1996 and wishes to attain more dynamic information to apply to the construction of space debris model and space debris risk evaluation through collaboration with IADC members.

CNSA has accumulated certain experience in the study of long-life-span and highly reliable spacecraft, which lays theoretical foundation for the research in protection of small debris or asteroid impact.

Space debris mitigation has always been a great concern to CNSA through strictly control the production of space debris and implemented series of mitigation practices to launch vehicles in LEO orbit. CNSA is currently undertaking research and study in the upper stage of GEO launch vehicles and GEO orbit satellite abandoning programs.

CNSA wishes to convey its desire to strengthen exchange with member agencies of IADC, especially in the cooperation of advanced space debris protection and mitigation, to protect space environment that is closely associated with humanity.